CHIRP on Ubuntu 20.04

Annoyed that you cannot use CHIRP on Ubuntu 20.04 to program your precious radios?

CHIRP is still based on Python 2, which is old. So old in fact that it is no longer part of the Ubuntu repositories. While you can still install Python 2, this is not true for all the dependencies that are needed to run CHIRP.

The CHIRP developers are already working on a Python 3 version that you can install just like any other package, but since it does not exist yet, we cannot use it.

Well, the solution is quite simple: Use flatpak.

Unlike .deb and .rpm packages, flatpak packages contain nearly all libraries, interpreters and data necessary to run an application.

To install CHIRP with flatpak, just make sure that you have flatpak installed.

Download the flatpak package from CHIRP’s download section:

Then simply install the package:

flatpak install Downloads/chirp-daily-20200909.flatpak

You can then run CHIRP from your application menu.
To run CHIRP from the comman line, run:

flatpak run com.danplanet.chirp

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