Volunteering in Denmark

[Friday, 13 July 2018]

I’m sitting in the red cross educational centre in Teterow, where I’ve been for some days now. Tomorrow will be the last day and on Saturday I will go home. The reason I came here was to learn about international voluntary services, as this is a preparation seminar for such services. In 30 days I will go to Denmark for 11 months and this seminar is mandatory for every volunteer. Well, not exactly this one. This seminar was designed for volunteers going to developmental volunteering services in countries such as Ghana or Vietnam, but this was the last seminar I could participate in since I decided I wanted to go to Denmark for a year on Thurday last week. So I came here as all other seminars already took place, but even though this one wasn’t exactly designed for Denmark, I’m still learning a lot and this can’t be a bad thing. I arrived on Sunday after travelling for around seven hours. We began on Monday with organisational matters and then we talked about our comprehension of being a volunteer and what we think we can achieve and what will be expected of us. The next day we learned a bit about self-defence, which is always a good thing to know about, just in case. After having lunch, we proceeded with talking about travel medicine and how to avoid getting malaria. On Wednesday, we talked a lot about racism and how to behave in a new culture. In the afternoon we went to a climbing park after sitting all day. Today we talked a bit about intercultural aspects and a lot organisational stuff.

[Monday, 23 July 2018]

In the last ten days, I have completed my to do list. That means I have signed the contract, applied for an extended certificate of good conduct (German: erweitertes Führungszeugnis), got a health insurance certificate as proof of insurance, registered with the German embassy and completed two e-learning courses which the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent made available. The first course was the “Red Cross and Red Crescent Induction Course”, which basically tells you the principles of the Red Cross communities and societies around the world. That was an interesting course, but not a lot of it was new to me as I already work with the German Red Cross. The other course was “Stay Safe – Volunteer Security”, which was interested, but I did not see the necessity for Denmark. That course will be useful when travelling to countries which are more dangerous, though. I also found a first aid course which I will take part in on the 30th July. I also just booked my train tickets, so I do not have to care about that a few days before. I still have 20 days, so that should be plenty of time. 🙂

[Wednesday, 15 August 2018]

I’m now here for half a week. Sunday has been the day of my arrival. After around 13 hours on the train I finally reached my destination. The last days I was doing nightwatch and talking to the students. School lessons will begin in around three weeks, right now we are just doing bicycle tours to get to know each other. In the evenings I go around and close windows and make sure that the doors are locked. By day I often take photos. I will need to learn about the structures of the school the next few days to be able to do more. Also, I need to get better at understanding spoken Danish. I can only read it without any problem.



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