Amateur Radio

In the summer of 2013 the call sign DC7IA has been assigned to me and since December 2013 I am an ARRL/VEC accredited Volunteer Examiner.

In 2014 I became examiner in Germany at the Federal Network Agency, but I no longer work at the German examinations.

I have been participated at the following events

  • Youngsters On The Air in Gilwell Park, 2017 (read the article)
  • Nordics On The Air in Finland, 2019
  • Youngsters On the Air Winter “Go PA” in the Netherlands, 2019

Call Signs: DC7IA, KK4RVI, M6KIQ, SA6KIQ, 5Q7IA, DN4IA

DN4IA is a training call sign. Training call signs are used to train unlicencend folks to operate under supervision of a licenced operator. The operator needs to apply for it and pay a fee of 70 Euros, which I think is quite expensive.


  • Fluent in
    • German, English, Swedish
  • Able to communicate in
    • Norwegian, Danish
  • Understanding of
    • Dutch

Feel free to write to me in any of these languages.


Contact: joshua-is.me