QSL information


QSL cards to DC7IA can only be sent via bureau.


QSL cards to the following stations can be sent via DC7IA.

  • KK4RVI
  • M6KIQ
  • SA6KIQ
  • 5Q7IA

I don’t use means of QSL reception other than bureau.

What does „QSL“ mean?

QSL means „I confirm your reception“ and comes from the time when communication over long distances meant using either expensive connections using telegraph wires or sending letters wich would take days, weeks or even months. Sending messages by telegraphy was expensive since you had to pay for every single letter. Every second that was used for meta information, such as asking „Did you get the whole message or do I have to repeat?“, would mean not making money. Therefore a system of three letter codes beginning with Q, the Q codes, was created by the British government.

Nowadays, however, the term is mostly used for the QSL cards radio amateurs send to each other to confirm the connection they made.