Tablets Are Not Useful

Tablets just aren’t useful devices. I mean… What would you do with one?

The first thing most people will answer is „I like to watch films!“, closely followed by „I watch Youtube with mine.“.

I’m afraid I have to disappoint you. That is not useful at all. You probably have a smartphone (heck, you’re probably reading this on one) and a laptop. A laptop is much better for that task. The screen is bigger, you don’t need to hold it to watch. And you’re phone does the same thing a tablet does, so why would you need a larger version

You might say „I read social media and the news“, but still, social media is not something useful to do. It’s mostly a waste of time. And news can be read on a laptop as well. You can even comfortably type emails, something you cannot do on a tablet because of the lack of a physical keyboard. Sure, you can type on an on-screen keyboard, but that’s like breathing through a straw. I could do it, but it’d be very uncomfortable.

Yes, I will agree. Touchscreens are good. For phones. There the on-screen keyboard will be the right size for typing, but on a tablet the keys are too far apart. Sure, you can type one character after another, constantly searching for the right button. Or you just use a keyboard on a laptop and type much faster without looking.

And if you’re now about to say that a keyboard could be attached to a tablet: No. That makes it a laptop that is worse at most tasks than a real laptop.

Most uses of tablets are a waste of time. Sure, they might be some cases like looking at photos from your camera while on the go or as a teleprompter when recording a video, but most people just don’t need a tablet. They generally just generate waste, and before becoming waste they lie somewhere collecting dust. Not useful.




If you disagree and think you know something useful, tell me. I’m very curious whether I’m missing something or not.

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