Recommended Posts – October 2020 – Never-Ending Now, Reddit Forcing Users To Log In, Personal Websites, RSS Feeds, Historic Photos, Security.txt, Why You Should Have A Bike

Ever felt like you’re not living in the moment because you’re somewhere else? Maybe that somewhere else is the never-ending now.
The Never-Ending Now — David Perell
David Perell argues that most people are in a never-ending now because they constanly consume content that has been created less than 24 hours ago.

Reddit tests forcing users to login or use the app to read content
As reddit is beginning to force some users to sign in to read some sub-reddits, I deleted my account. I don’t want to support a platform that pressures people into using an account just so that it can track what you’re reading. If I feel like using something similar again in the future, I will just look at one of the federated reddit alternatives.

Into the Personal-Website-Verse · Matthias Ott – User Experience Designer
Speaking of alternatives, Matthias Ott argues that we should all have personal websites again, since they have a lot more freedom than social networks and are also less hateful. I, myself, have always believed in personal websites. I’ve built my first — very crappy — website using HTML on Geocities when I was a kid. In 2012, I then decided to set up a WordPress-based blog, without even having an idea what I could put there, but I thought I would find something if I just had a place to put it. Just like Matthias argues in his post, personal websites can be a place for experimentation. And while Mastodon is a lot less hateful than most other places on the web, I still thing it is great to have a personal place to put your stuff.

Also, I learned about Webmentions, which are now supported by this very blog.

Let’s bring Fan Sites and webrings back! –
Remember webrings? I have never participated in one, but I do remember them. Bryan Robinson says „Many consumers see websites as black boxes full of magic that they could never understand.“, which makes me say „Really?“, I mean we have had the web for a long time. I never assumed it’d be something magic-like to many people. Right now I don’t know what content I’d write for a fan site, but I like the idea!

In case you have no idea what a webring is, Charlie Owen does a brilliant job explaining them.

In case you’re looking for some RSS feeds to fill your reader, feedBase has got you covered. And if you like personal websites and blogs, have a look at

Now here’s something truly fascinating: 50 Oldest Color Photos Show How The World Looked 100 Years Ago | DeMilked
Want to know how Paris looked like in 1914? Charlie Chaplin in 1918? Egyptian markets in 1913? Have a look, you won’t regret it.

Did you ever want to Draw all roads in a city at once? Well, now you can. You will just need to enter the name of a city.

security.txt: Proposed standard for defining security policies
A website proposing a simple standard for security policies. Just put a .txt file on your website at a defined URL so your security policies are easy to find. I think it’s a brilliant idea. Though I’m not doing it at the time of writing, because I haven’t yet found time reading and implementing the proposed standard.

Mr Money Mustache wonders: What Do You Mean “You Don’t Have a Bike”?! and explains why it is that you should definitely have a bike. I totally agree. Now excuse me, I have to go out and ride my bicycle.

A short video showing you why bicycles are great: How Bikes Make Cities Cool – Portland on Vimeo

brannondorsey/chattervox: 📡wants to be something like IRC for radio communication. It is based on the AX.25 protocol, an amateur radio adaptation of the ancient X.25 protocol which some view as the predecessor of TCP/IP. In Germany and Austria it is better known under the product name Datex-P, which had been used by German and Austria Telekom.

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