How to use every bluetooth CAT dongle with RepeaterBook

By default RepeaterBook only works with CAT dongles that have a specific MAC address. I bought a cheap dongle from ebay, but the Android App RepeaterBook didn’t recognize it. So I decided to look into the apps files. I found a file containing settings of the app. There I could set the MAC address:

<?xml version=’1.0′ encoding=’utf-8′ standalone=’yes‘ ?>
<boolean name=“PREF_DISPLAY_5GHz“ value=“false“ />
<boolean name=“PREF_DISPLAY_APCO25″ value=“false“ />
<boolean name=“PREF_DISPLAY_WIDE_VER2″ value=“false“ />
<string name=“PREF_DISPLAY“>1</string>
<string name=“PREF_LAST_MAC_ADDRESS“>20:16:05:19:36:33</string>
<boolean name=“PREF_DISPLAY_2M“ value=“true“ />
<boolean name=“PREF_DISPLAY_23CM“ value=“false“ />
<string name=“PREF_MILE_KILOMETRE“>km</string>
<boolean name=“PREF_ENABLE_AUTOCONNECT“ value=“true“ />
<boolean name=“PREF_DISPLAY_TV“ value=“false“ />
<string name=“PREF_MANUAL_LOCATION“>JO41BN</string>
<boolean name=“PREF_DISPLAY_1_25m“ value=“false“ />
<boolean name=“PREF_DISPLAY_6M“ value=“false“ />
<boolean name=“PREF_DISPLAY_33CM“ value=“false“ />
<boolean name=“PREF_DISPLAY_DMR“ value=“true“ />
<boolean name=“PREF_DISPLAY_10M“ value=“true“ />
<boolean name=“PREF_DISPLAY_ECHOLINK“ value=“false“ />
<boolean name=“PREF_DISPLAY_ANALOG“ value=“true“ />
<boolean name=“PREF_DISPLAY_ALLSTAR“ value=“false“ />
<string name=“PREF_MAX_DISTANCE_VER2″>500</string>
<boolean name=“PREF_DISPLAY_DSTAR“ value=“false“ />
<string name=“PREF_SORT_BY_VER3″>35</string>
<boolean name=“PREF_ENABLE_SCREENON“ value=“false“ />
<boolean name=“PREF_DISPLAY_WIRES“ value=“false“ />
<boolean name=“PREF_DISPLAY_24GHz“ value=“false“ />
<boolean name=“PREF_DISPLAY_4M“ value=“false“ />
<string name=“PREF_BLUECAT_RADIO“>1</string>
<boolean name=“PREF_DISPLAY_IRLP“ value=“false“ />
<boolean name=“PREF_DISPLAY_YSF_VER2″ value=“false“ />
<boolean name=“PREF_DISPLAY_13CM“ value=“false“ />
<boolean name=“PREF_DISPLAY_WIRES_X“ value=“false“ />
<boolean name=“PREF_DISPLAY_70CM“ value=“true“ />
<boolean name=“PREF_DISPLAY_9CM“ value=“false“ />
<boolean name=“PREF_DISPLAY_10GHz“ value=“false“ />
<boolean name=“PREF_AUTO_LOCATION“ value=“false“ />

As you can see, <string name=“PREF_LAST_MAC_ADDRESS“>20:16:05:19:36:33</string> contains the MAC address. Just get the MAC address of your devices using apps like „Bluetooth Viewer LITE“ and put it into the file. You need root access to edit that file. The file is located under: /data/data/com.zbm2.repeaterbook/shared_prefs/com.zbm2.repeaterbook_preferences.xml

Now I can finally set my FT-857D’s frequency using my smartphone. 😀